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By Nabanita De Foundation

(Nonprofit, focussed on helping people to return to work)

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Step-by-step tech layoff Survival guide

Step 1: Breathe. You interviewed and got into the company in the first place, that laid you off. So you have the capability to get hired again!

Step 2 : Are you on a Visa? H1b/L1 etc?
If yes, here are some resources to review.

Please note, this is not a legal advice.
Steps to do, if you are on a visa :
1. Reach out to your employer to see if they can keep you on the payroll for a few months and if they have legal resources for you.

2. If not, Figure out your last employment date from your employer.
3. Speak to an immigration attorney to figure out days left before becoming out of status.

  • If lawyer fees is an issue for you, there are places which offers lawyers on a monthly subscription model, example:  Legalshield.

  • Possible Topics to discuss with your immigration attorney :
    > Days left to find a job and maintain a legal status in the US while unemployed.
    > Alternate visa options like converting to B1/B2, h4 or self-petitioning for extraordinary visa like EB1 A/B, O1, its pros/cons, its impact on your job search and explore the possibility to convert back to a visa which allows to work with no impact. And days needed to make the conversion.

4. Reach out to your network for referrals and also companies who sponsor work visa.

Step 3 : File for Unemployment and explore available health/Wellbeing offerings.

Step 4 : Find and summarize your Impact from your last company.
> Review your connects, impact resume or performance review submissions to find -
* Your most impactful projects.
* Your strengths/weaknesses.
> Write down
every project you worked on, how you contributed,  impact you made, teams and divisions you worked with/managed (the number and also if they were cross-functional), the timeline of projects etc.
> Make a list of -
* All recognitions = publications, patents, talks, awards you won.
* Things that
you went out of your way to do.
* Any
leadership positions held outside of your job role.
> Summarize and update your resume, Linkedin and online presence. 
Ask for recommendations for Linkedin from your former co-workers, so they show up on your Linkedin when people visit your profile.

Found on Linkedin - Time sensitive >
Step 5 : Career Break or immediately go back to work?? 

If planning on a Career Break? Here is how to bounce back from career break -
Step 6 : If and when want to immediately return to work?

* Find who is hiring?
Step 7 : Prepare for the Interviews

OTHER Resources

NEED Additional HELP?

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Disclaimer: We found these resources across Linkedin, Blind, Google and Facebook Communities and worked towards aggregating them in one place. If you want to contribute to the resources on the page, reach out to us below!


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Nabanita De Foundation aims to take on humanitarian moonshot challenges through leveraging technology, advocacy and entrepreneurship. Our return-to-work nonprofit initiative is transforming stay-at-home caregivers in 93 countries into career professionals and helping them return to the workforce after a career gap. We bridge the gap between return to work programs and opportunities and caregivers in a one-stop-shop fashion and provide a support network through our forum and members site. We inspire by amplifying stories of domain level experts like Returnship Program directors, career coaches, recruiters, people who successfully returned to the workforce and underrepresented demographics through our Podcast and articles. We provide free grassroots level upskilling and reskilling like learning English/Computer Science, picking between relevant career paths, degrees and skill sets or explaining a career gap, through our free course. 

Our initiative to debunk misinformation, Project FiB has been downloaded & published in over 134 countries. Our health-care initiative, CovidHelpforIndia, streamlines all Covid-19 resources, in a one-stop-shop fashion, with engagement from over 30+ countries. 

Our non-profit initiatives have been represented on Platforms like Unicef, Power to Fly, Globant, Unesco, Generation Equality Forum, Princeton University, University of Maryland and more. If this speaks to you, feel free to reach out to our founder Nabanita De at or and join our movement. 

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