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Mental Health, Therapy, CareeR/LIFE Coach Resources

Feeling Stuck and Hopeless?
Is it hard to do regular tasks and feeling overall sad on daily Basis?
Lack of Motivation? 
Sacred about the Future and having difficulty to relax?
Having physical episodes of breaking down and freezing? Hiding down a blanket?
Underwent years of trauma?


Have difficulty focusing?  Finding it impossible to sit through the entire course?
Procrastinating till the last minute?
Constant voices in your head?
Find your learning and interacting patterns different from everyone around you?
You might be Neurodivergent and can get in your way of living your best life. Take these online free tests to find out.


Did you undergo a lot of trauma which is preventing you from moving forward and living your best life? You might have PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
Do u find it hard to leave a difficult situation? Find yourself staying in abusive situations? Trying to "fix people". Tend to take other's problems on your shoulders. You might be codependent.
Is/Was your ex/current partner super horrible? Used you and discarded when they found a new person? Drained you of all your resources. And you are having a hard time getting over the breakup, divorce or in your current marriage/relationship? They might be a narcissist.
Are you in a Relationship with a narcissist? Have relationship troubles or abusive relationships? You might have unhealthy attachments patterns from past or childhood trauma. 

Unhealthy Attachment Patterns

Root causes : Childhood Trauma

Ok I have these.. What do I do now?
Let Therapy help you...

LIFE/Career COACH Resources

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Are you in a Dangerous situation and need more help?

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