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Media, partnerships AND IMPACT of Nabanita De foundation

Marketing Partners of Nabanita De Foundation


Forbes EQ Brandvoice

Forbes EQ (Equity Quotient) on BrandVoice is a space for businesses, entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations from and serving underrepresented groups to share stories and expertise with the audience via the BrandVoice content marketing platform. It is part of Forbes’ Representation and Inclusion practice, supporting and amplifying Forbes’ commitment to representation, inclusion and systemic equity. 

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Relationship with Reyes Scholarship Fund

Scholarship opportunity for a positive role model in the community. Relationships with Reyes explores with their guests all types and dynamics of relationships - ranging from dating, marriage, family, friends, faith, or the relationship with ourselves. So many layers, so many stories, and this podcast is here to broadcast all of the lessons!

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The Global Beauty Awards

The Global Beauty Awards – The GBAs (“Awards”) are under the jurisdiction of NW Productions, LLC, an entertainment and media production company. The Awards represent members from EVERY pageant system and the beauty, fashion, entertainment, sports, educational and business industries.

Worked with Audible and Amazon to amplify their Return-to-work Program

"Thank you to Forbes for highlighting Audible's incredible Returnship initiative and the dedication our own Supriya Mimani brings to this program." - CTO, Audible for our Forbes Article.

Our advocacy was further amplified on all Audible social Channels

Amplified stories of women who successfully returned to work after career break to :

in fields of :

We amplify Return-to-work opportunities through

Our Reach: Organically Reached 93 countries in 8 months

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Nabanita De Foundation (formerly: was represented on

Awards and Nominations for Nabanita De Foundation

1. Selected as Forbes Equity Quotient Brand contributor (a partnership in support of Representation, Inclusion and Systemic Equity) for Free. Wrote 20 Forbes articles, with about 450,000 reads, 14387 Search Referrals and 178652 social impressions and referrals.

2. BITS Pilani Global 30 Under 30 2022 Winner - Social Entrepreneurship and Community Building.

3. Fast Company World Changing Ideas 2022 Honoree - "Best World Changing Idea North America" and "Wellness".

4. Won 1st Prize, App time Show! 5 Min App pitches to win!
5. Recognition from From The Experts' Mouth Magazine for our written article hitting 80+ countries.
6. WomenTech Network Upskill and Reskill Program of the Year 2021 Finalists

7. Global Beauty Awards Finalists in Best Entrepreneur, Best Brand Ambassador, Best in Education, Best in Talent 2022
8. Global Beauty Awards Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 Finalists
9. Nominated for 2021 Champion Award
10. Nominated for Tällberg Foundation-SNF-Eliasson Global Leadership Prize.

Hype around Nabanita De Foundation

News around Returnships and Returning to Workforce

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Keep Hear straight from our founder, Nabanita De, as she talks about initiatives around Returnships, return to work, its origins and how it came into fruition.

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Nabanita De Foundation Articles quoted by Academia 

The article references our career mentorship article!

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Keep The Bill and Melinda Gates Post-Pandemic Plan: Give Women a Hand in their annual letter, the philanthropists have advice for world and business leaders heading into recovery

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Keep Women's labor force participation rate hit a 33-year low in January, according to new Analysis. "We are in crisis – a health crisis, an economic crisis, and a crisis for women in the workplace." - Sheryl Sandberg

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RETURNSHIP Track at GHC 2021 

Returnship Track was introduced at Anita Borg Grace Hopper Conference this year!

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