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Rediscovering yourself is a Crucial step to ReTurning to work. Go through This page, to Learn about the most crucial bit of the process, to return to work : You!!!!

Take care of yourself and fill your own cup before setting towards a new job

The Most important thing is to calm and control the mind and passing thoughts. As Thoughts becomes things. Everyone has random thoughts, Practicing Gratitude and Mindfulness can help you with controlling them.

Discovering yourself also means redefining yourself from outside and finding a new style/Wardrobe

For Women:

For Men:

The Key to Physical Fitness is just starting one day and consistency.
(Free Workouts from home)

Doing something you are actually passionate about will take you very far. So what it is, you are passionate about?

Feeling Inspired enough. Believe in Law of Attraction, Visualization and Manifestation. 

Not sure who you are still and what kind of things you can put in your vision board? Take these standard personality tests, which can help you understand a little bit more about who you are, your strengths/weaknesses and what careers can work for you.

1. MBTI - Myers Briggs Personality Test

2. Oceans 5 Personality Test

3. Leadership Style - Color test

Feeling lost after years in Caregiving?

Well, now that you are inspired and know a little bit more about yourself, lets work on doing the work, needed to go back to work.


In Pandemic, you would need a Work from Home setup. Here is an example of how you can set it up.

In todays age, its important to own a computing device. Here are the possible picks:

Are you a Caregiver Returning to Workforce?

Read how other moms returning to workforce are balancing work and life
Discuss Uneven caregiving expectations with your family members
Are you a minority or Immigrant? Read to relate
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