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Partnering with local NGO to distribute getting back to work resources for Covid-19

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

During the Covid-19 Relief donations and food drives, led by local NGO, Nabanita De Foundation (formerly: distributes getting back to work resources in city of Seattle.

This weekend, I, the Founder of Nabanita De Foundation as an ambassador for city of Seattle, had an amazing opportunity to work with a local NGO and lead their food drives!! She was helping low income groups out in pandemic by providing them with basic necessities. But it dawned upon me that providing food is a short term solution. Providing education and necessary steps to get a job is the right long term solution. With awareness about opportunies in stem, atleast they now have an option to choose between several optimal paths, so next time they can instead lead a food drive.

So as a part of the food drive, I compiled this list of resources and handed it out to each person who came to our Food drives!! The response was so overwhelming good, there were people from all walks and careers domains, who were interested in going back to work or volunteering for this initiative. They could apply my cheat sheet to most of their career FAQs !!! So sharing my cheatsheet with my network!!! :)

Spread the word on Nabanita De Foundation, let's get more people back to work #returnships#returnship#gobacktowork

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